Attractions in the area:

There is a small selection of game at the lodges that include Giraffes, Impalas, Ostriches and variety of birds. Guests may hike or take an early morning jog around the perimeter of the reserve to view these animals.

The Das Alte Fort Museum is situated in a prominent position atop a hill in Grootfontein. The ‘Old Fort’ was originally a Schutztruppe fortress built in 1896. In 1977 the building was renovated and in 1983 the museum was officially opened. More than 3,000 historical pieces, including a complete smithy which was used in the production of ox-wagons, are on display. There is also an interesting outdoor display of industrial items worth seeing.

Hoba Meteorite

One of the highlights in the Grootfontein area must be a visit to the Hoba Meteorite, on the farm Hoba West. The meteorite is approximately 2,9 m wide, and between 0,9 m and 1,2 m high. It weighs more than 60 tons. It is believed to have fallen to earth less than 80,000 years ago.

The Hobas Meteorite is within easy reach from the lodge. It is situated on the farm Hobas only 16 Km or 30 minutes driving time in a normal sedan vehicle.

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is one of Namibias best loved wildlife sanctuaries in Africa can be combined with a journey through the Caprivi and Grootfontein as a midway stop.

Etosha National Park is an easy 308 Km drive from peace garden lodge or approx. 3.5 hours driving time.

Okavango River

The Okavango River is the fourth longest river system in southern Africa. It attracts animals from miles around and creates one of Africa’s greatest concentrations of wildlife and is home to many Hippos, crocodile and fascinating birdlife.

The Okavango River is within an easy 463 km drive from peach garden lodge or approx. 5 hours driving time.

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